Farmers Market Collection

Fresh products handpicked just for you.

Introducing four fresh fragrances.

The limited edition Farmers Market Fragrance Oil Collection includes around 2 ounces of each scent. Get it now for 20% off the retail price.

This sweet fragrance is a mix of lily, loganberry, rose nectar, and cranberry.

If avocado is an option, always say yes. This fresh scent has notes of blackberry, citrus, and mint.

You’ll love the notes of orange, green vines, and wood in this fresh scent.

This scent is inspired by artisan cocktails. It has notes of lemon, Spanish rosemary, and vanilla.

It comes with all the supplies you need to get started, including printed instructions, labels, pink sea salt, and raspberry seed oil.



Naturally vibrant powders and flowers.

Add these colorants to your next soap recipe for a pop of natural beauty.

Tomato Powder

Spinach Powder

Bee Pollen Powder

Alfalfa Powder

Red Sandalwood Powder

Arnica Flowers

Nutrient-rich oils to add to your collection.

Pick up the Farmers Market Oil Sampler while supplies last. Try all 4 oils and find you next favorite.

This oil has a silky texture that’s hard to beat. It’s especially suited for those with sensitive skin.

Those with dry or mature skin will love this oil. It has excellent moisturizing properties. 

Keep your skin feeling smooth with this oil. It’s packed with essential fatty acids.

Add this oil to your cold process soap to create firm bars. It also adds a beautiful orange color.

And a fun new mold.

Use this sturdy and flexible mold for soap, bath bombs, lotion bars, and more.

We can’t wait to see all the fresh designs you create.

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